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    The last decade in Nobile was marked by dynamic growth. We have shown how much we can improve in our beloved sport and how many innovations we are able to present. We have been continuously putting a lot of efforts to make kiteboarding – in all its variants – a popular and mass sports discipline. We have proven that everyone can become a kite “sailor”. In accordance with our Human Concept philosophy we always pay a great attention to user comfort and safety. The same principles we take under consideration when designing an equipment, both for new sports adepts and professional riders.

    Our products are available worldwide. We have our own bases, shops, service centers and user-friendly online store.

    We will proceed with the responsibility to make our kites, boards and accessories reliable and solid, as they have been so far. For that we have been continually receiving a sincere appreciation. That’s why we are so happy to find ourselves in prestigious ranking of “IKSURFMAG” magazine among three best brands on the market, according to your votes. Our kites have passed various tests to become the world’s top products.

    Bar equiped with Fulcrum – pioneering injection safety system introduced to the market by Nobile – is valued for its simplicity and reliability. Nobile accessories are produced in Click & Go tool-free mounting standard. It takes just few seconds to mount or dismount them with your bare hands.

    Our splitboards enjoy the well-deserved position of absolute bestseller among travelers, who fold them into their backpacks without paying extra fees for extra luggage. We have introduced the ZEN hydrofoil, also with a splitboard, which is truly sought-after. And all of these are complemented with our clothes from the Street collection, worn on a daily basis by many brand enthusiasts and beyond.

    We can promise you that we are just warming up. Think: kiteboarding, say: Nobile – this is our goal. That’s why we introduced many construction improvements to our collection. The joints in splitboards are even better, stronger and more precise. A new construction of Infinity and Skim Foil boards surprises with its low weight and rigidity. We have expanded the available board size range, in order to meet customers’ expectations, but most of all, we have prepared the new collection design together with the best advertising agency in Poland and one of the best worldwide – Saatchi&Saatchi. We have named this collection Tribe&Futurism.

    We believe that the combination of the highest quality and the modern, timeless design will stir your desire to set on water, giving you a feeling of freedom, thanks to wind, water and a chance to commune with nature. Ladies and gentlemen, here it is – the 2018 Nobile Tribe&Futurism collection!

    website : http://nobilekiteboarding.com/
    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Nobilekiteboarding
    Twitter : https://twitter.com/NOBILE_SPORTS

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